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An image of an American flag flying outside of a home. The text overlay reads "Remembering 9-11: Reflections on the events and how we are called to respond"

We are often asked to recall where we were when the world stopped on 9-11. In this devotion I reflect upon where I was and how we are all called to respond in the face of these types of events.

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A trunk decorated for a trunk-or-treat event with a skeleton band and the sign “Grateful Dead” overhead. Text at the bottom reads “Unforeseen Journey – How to organize a Trunk-or-Treat Event”

Organizing a successful Trunk-or-Treat can seem like a simple task (and can be) but there are some details that might get overlooked and I wanted to share those ideas with you. Trunk-or-Treats are a relativity new Halloween event in our area. Over the last few years we have seen more and more groups hosting these […]

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8 Free Tools to Build An Online Community

Short on a budget but still want to launch an online community? Check out these 8 totally free tools that will help you develop your online ministry (oh! There is a bonus tool too!)

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