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An image of an American flag flying outside of a home. The text overlay reads "Remembering 9-11: Reflections on the events and how we are called to respond"

We are often asked to recall where we were when the world stopped on 9-11. In this devotion I reflect upon where I was and how we are all called to respond in the face of these types of events.

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A trunk decorated for a trunk-or-treat event with a skeleton band and the sign “Grateful Dead” overhead. Text at the bottom reads “Unforeseen Journey – How to organize a Trunk-or-Treat Event”

Organizing a successful Trunk-or-Treat can seem like a simple task (and can be) but there are some details that might get overlooked and I wanted to share those ideas with you. Trunk-or-Treats are a relativity new Halloween event in our area. Over the last few years we have seen more and more groups hosting these […]

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Facebook 101 for Increased Engagement

Having an active Facebook account is great but won’t help your ministry grow if their is no engagement from your followers. This guide breaks down the types of engagements and what they mean to your ministries.

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